30. October 2013

Script for I.D 

Opens on a yellow screen. Music starts quite upbeat music using a guitar. the music is supposed to give the feel of a upbeat song. Friendly vibe. 

Voice over throughout the animation.  man’s voice, early thirties. Calm and informative with a friendly edge 

The animation has a vector feel, block colour with slight shading. The characters and simple representations of people with emotions. Joe is presented as a normal guy starting his business and embarking on an exciting adventure  

Voice Over: This is Joe, Joe owns a Car wash. Go Joe!

Animation shows little character (joe) walk onto the middle of the screen from left hand side. as the word car wash is said it pops out of thin air.. to joe’s surprise 

Voice Over: Joe now wants to raise awareness of his car wash to earn some more pennies.

joe cracks a smile and thought bubble pops up with a pound sign in 

Voice Over: Joe needs an Identity.

Joe makes a noise ‘huh’ as if to say what is that

Voice Over: This isn’t just a logo or a name but an overall message that allows joe to install trust and loyalty with his business.

love heart is drawn round joes car was and then pops in short swift movement 

Voice Over: Where does joe get this ‘identity’. He can get it from either an agency or a freelancer. The difference being that an agency is a lot of design peeps and a freelancer is just one. 

Joe’s carwash moves to the right hand side of the screen and then an agency building pops up when the voice over says ‘agency’ and a guy in geeky glasses and a mac pops up when he says freelancer, they are side by side so viewer can see comparison 

Voice Over: After joe has found his freelancer or agency he will then go through a four step process until his final identity is complete

Agency and freelancer move swiftly off to the left hand side of the screen to be replaces with the words ‘the 4 step process’ these words and in the branded typeface 

Voice Over: Stage 1 Joe will be invited into the office and shown a lovely set of first stage logo designs, these are to get a feel of what joe likes and doesn’t like…. joe likes blue! 

page of logos is pulled down the screen with a blind sting pull. as the voice over say joe like blues joe smiles an lets out a little sound of agreement 

Voice Over: Stage 2At this stage joe will get a developed set of logos depending on what joe likes. these will start to look and feel  lot more like joe wants.. like it joe?   good.

the first set of logo disappears and now is replaced with a computer screen that now shows the development set of logos, these are obviously more developed and allow for the viewer to see the difference from step one and two. 

Voice Over: Stage 3 Joe will now be presented with his final identity. this is normally introduced to a few business cards and letter heads just so joe can see how his logo can be used. Looks great Joe!

Joe is now presented with a final design the screen is now full of business cards and stationary. as the voice over says looks great joe. joe presents the business card to the viewer with pride

Voice Over: Stage 4 Joe will now have his identity made and shaped for other media such as a website. Joe wants people to be able to book there smart cars for a wash… Nice Car Joe 

The car was swings back into view along with an iPad screen that shows Joe’s new website with him tapping and swiping exploring the different parts of the website. looking intrigued and engaged 

Voice Over: So how much is this going to cost joe. Well depending on weather joe goes to a freelancer or a design agency it can vary but if done well can change joe’s business dramatically.  

joe is moved a little to the side and is replaced by a big penny jar. as the voice over describes the different prices the jar fills with money and is the emptied with a ‘Kaching‘   

Voice Over: And there you have it. Joe has a lovely Car Wash Identity which he is now showing to his friends and customers. Joe’s Wash and Wax is ready for business.

The jar is swiped to the side and agin replaced with joe and his brand new car wash now equipped with the new logo Joe’s Wash and Wax. it also shows cars queuing up into the distance to use the car wash.

this fades into the background to be replaced with the ID logo with the website underneath with the tag ‘a step by step guide to identity’ 

The Branding of this project is really important as it reflects to the user how identity is used and therefore the integrity of the site. I really want to reflect a good message here and allow for people to engage with some cool visuals whilst being effectively. 

I have already done some research into some branding that is effective and would really like to execute the brand to perfection. In one of my previous posts I have shown some initial thinking with the brand. Some illustrator logos and so forth. Now i intend to develop a few full blooded options to go forward with